What is hidden in your date of birth

Unfolding your true self

90 min coaching session filled with information about your:

Mission, Gifts, Talents, Points of growth, Life lessons

and your prognosis for the next 6 months

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About Anouk

From 2010 til 2018 my life was connected with treating people as a licensed practitioner and I worked a lot with energies, traumas and serious diseases.

In 2018 I took my first Numerology education in Denmark.

It was as life-changing experience as giving birth.

Since then I mastered 3 more Numerology approaches, which gives unique all-round in-depth understanding of the codes hidden within our date of birth and the vibration of our name.

I am continuesly amazed by the precision of the information we are given with the date of birth. This is one of the reasons I love working with parents, analizing both the child and the parent for a deeper connection, better understanding and more effective communication between the parent and the child.

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